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Reducing rock formation damage and optimising the drilling process will influence on the production rate and reservoir recovery.

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Discover the dynamics of drilling operations through our Well Damage Simulator. Tailored for professionals and enthusiasts alike, this tool allows users to adjust key drilling parameters and observe their impacts on well productivity and integrity. Click the button below to launch the simulator and start exploring the impacts of your decisions in real-time.

Who We Are

WellSoft AS

  • WellSoft has developed proprietary technology and methodology which enables us to deliver the optimised way to drill the well to achieve the best possible situation for reduced well bore damages.
  • The solution will give the best possible situation for increased production of Oil and gas and to maximise injection of CO2.
Wellsoft AS
  • It will reduce infrastructure utilisation and reduce operational risks, leading to a more sustainable operation by minimising costs and, ultimately, reducing the carbon footprint.

  • The technology is a software solution and the methodology is based on a 9 step work flow process.

Business Lines

WellSoft work within three different business lines

WellSoft AS

Oil and Gas

To achieve improve
productivity in the well.

CO2 Injection

To secure injectivity and increase the injected volume for EOR and CO2 storage

Geothermal Drilling

To achieve increased inflow in the drilled wells

We provide a concrete description on how to adjust the drilling parameters
to achieve the improved effects.

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  • Financially supported by ​the Norwegian ​Government (Innovation ​Norway)
  • R&D work with NTNU and​ SI​NTEF 


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Technology & Methodology

Our proprietary Technology and Methodology gives our customer unique information to contribute to their decision about drilling the most efficient and effective way to improve productivity and injectivity in wells.

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We give our customers a deeper understanding and knowledge based on highly qualified information.

Our approach to the important questions of productivity and injectivity will help customers increase their profitability, by reducing costs and utilise investments in infrastructure.



Nine-Step Workflow Process

The business model requires a close and exclusive relationship between WellSoft and the client. WellSoft’s employees havehigh integrity and extensive industry experience. This combination ensures the quality of work, and supports our ability to be a trusted discussion partner for the client.

WellSoft must have access to essential data from the client. We will sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement describing this close working relationship.

Our Story

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About Us

 In 2019, WellSoft was founded and incorporated under Norwegian law by Morten Lunde, Tommy Ness and Stig Solberg.

Their insight and expertise in the O&G industry identifiedopportunities to improve recovery from oil and gas fields. WellSoft devoted time and effort to investigate opportunities connected to near-wellbore damages caused by drilling and completion operations.

Global reports indicate that oil recovery differs greatly even between reservoirs that have a lot of commonalities from geological and geotechnical points of view. The average global recovery is about 26-28%, while recovery from other areas is substantially higher i.e. 50-55%.

WellSoft developed a software tool that produces input for an optimised drilling program that helps recovery from each well.

Maximizing Efficiency

 One of the main reasons for reduced recovery is the near-wellbore damages from drilling and completion.

Based on the industry experience and scientific research, WellSoft developed an algorithm that suggests how a combination of several drilling inputs, such as the choice of fluids and pressure, helps reduce well damage.

WellSoft’s nine-step workflow process and unique algorithm solution offer a greener footprint for the operators. Current industry practices to increase well recovery, such as well / acid simulation,increase the risks of contamination and carbon emissions.

WellSoft has, together with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and SINTEF, developed the Wellbore Damage Simulator (WDS) to simulate the input for optimised drilling program for each well.

The world need to take more responsibility for the environmental changes. As a part of this CO2 capture and storing (CCS) is one of the most important activities. Our solution will ensure that wells are better prepared to maximise the injection of liquid CO2 .

WellSoft and a Canadian company Beyond Energy signed an Innovation Contract in May 2021, this contract was extended in an MOU for joint development on February 2022.

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Board of Directors



Morten Lunde


Tommy is an engineer in maritime electrical & automation. His professional experience from the oil and gas industry covers more than 37 years in the global market, mainly from Norway and Asia. Tommy has been CEO of various training companies, offering IADC, IWCF and OPITO training and certification. Tommy is based in Thailand.

Tommy is a board member of WellSoft AS and has been in the company since December 2019.


Tommy Ness



Arnfinn Johansen


Arnfinn has a bachelor’s degree in finance. His professional experience spans 36 years in banking and consulting industry with various roles of CEO, CFO and senior partner.

He is currently Chairman of three companies including Styrmand AS since 2008.

Arnfinn has been a board member and shareholder since June of 2022.

Development Team


Dr. Alexandre Lavrov

Numerical Modelling at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

WellSoft AS

Pål B Vorkinn

MSc. Oil and Gas Industry


Donald Reitsma

Petroleum Engineer
Lead product sales


Dr. Andrew Shipilov

Strategy, Innovation and Networks Expert from INSEAD (Paris) 

The Team


Morten Lunde (CEO & Chairman)

MSc. Innovation Management

WellSoft AS

Terje Svendsen

Financial and Business
Development Expert


Tommy Ness (COO)

Oil and Gas Training
and Certification Expert  


Donald Reitsma

Petroleum Engineer
Lead product sales

WellSoft AS

Torunn Aass Taralrud

Public Connections and International Relations   


Sina Madani

MSc. Petroleum Engineering
Product Manager

WellSoft AS

Sarah Mir S.

MSc. Petroleum Engineering
Product Manager


Gerard de Blok

Drilling Expert



Dr. Alexandre Lavrov

Numerical Modelling at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)


Dr. Imran Afgan

Capture Science, Abu Dhabi
PhD. Mechanical Engineering


Dr. Ilyas Khurshid

Capture Science, Abu Dhabi
PhD. Petroleum Engineering

Joint Ventures

WellSoft AS

Doug Kinsella

Managing Director

WellSoft X ESG


“Our solution will help drive your business’s ESG Strategy towards a sustainable business model

Committed to the people

Committed to national and industry goals for a sustainable development

Committed to the stakeholders

Committed to partners- supply chain management

Committed to the environment- protection and biodiversity

Committed to the community


Our Strategic Partners

WellSoft has, together with one of the world leading Universities within the Oil and gas field, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), and the large R&D institution, SINTEF,  developed technologies and methods to improve these important processes in the industry.



It is Time to Optimize Our operation with Incresed Oil Recovery (IOR)

Global reports highlight that the recovery from any two oil and gas reservoirs can differ despite their commonalities from geological and geotechnical points of view. The global average IOR is about 26-28% while some wells have higher IOR at 50-55%.

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